After a relationship breaks down, reaching a decision to formally end the marriage can be difficult. This is why we start by listening to you. When you have made up your mind to apply for a divorce, efficient legal support from an experienced solicitor makes the process easier.

If decision to divorce has been agreed with your spouse, our firm will complete your divorce through the court’s uncontested divorce procedure. If there is no prior agreement, we will submit your application and the court will give your spouse opportunity to consent.

Some of our clients approach us because they wish to understand the full legal implications of divorce before reaching a decision. We also serve clients who contact because they have received a letter from a court informing them that their spouse has applied for divorce.

In every case, an experienced solicitor from our firm provides comprehensive legal advice on divorce including the financial implications of divorce.

It is not usual for spouses to contest divorce, however, if your spouse should refuse consent, we have the technical expertise to support you through the process of a contested divorce.

In matrimonial matters, we know that all clients value confidentiality, empathy and high competence. You can expect these qualities from our firm.

Kenny Ogba

Kenny Ogba


Divorce can be simple if the circumstances are straightforward and the parties have some level of cooperation.

However, divorces with an international aspect where the marriage was celebrated outside the UK or where international child custody disputes may arise need expert attention for successful navigation of several applicable domestic and international laws.

Your solicitor’s competence and empathy will make the process of divorce efficient. You will save time and minimize stress by relying on our experience and familiarity in divorce matters. Your application will be expertly filed with certified documentation enclosed as required.

We will follow up your application with telephone calls and letters to the court. This will prevent delays to grant of your decree nisi and decree absolute – these are the documents that dissolve a marriage in law.

Our solicitors know how to progress your divorce in a manner that respects your relationship with your spouse.

We are mindful of any children of your marriage and the impact that divorce can have on them, so we try to make sure that in accordance with our legal obligations we must place the best interests of the children first.

We will continue to listen to you and take all the necessary steps towards the achievement of your objectives.

Divorce is a two-stage process. A specialist family solicitor from our team will represent and advice you during the two stages.

  • Stage One: The Decree Nisi

This stage starts with submission of a properly completed application form and finishes when the court makes a decree that you are entitled to a divorce. A properly completed application makes this stage easy and straightforward. When all the right documents are enclosed, it is possible for a Judge to find that the legal ground for divorce has been established.

If the Judge is so satisfied, he will grant a Decree Nisi. This means that after six weeks we can progress to the next stage. When we are representing you, court will direct all enquiries to our firm and we will keep you updated.

  • Stage Two: The Decree Absolute

This is the decree that ends the marriage. Acting on your instructions, six weeks after the Decree Nisi has been pronounced by the Judge, we are permitted to apply for a Decree Absolute.

Unless you request for a delay, we will obtain your Decree Absolute from the Court and deliver the document to you within two to three weeks, although the time frame depends on the court’s caseload.

If you and your partner have agreed to divorce and you are sure that your partner will not defend your divorce application, then our firm offers a fixed fee divorce service.

Our total legal fee for this service is £600 and plus £120 VAT.

In addition to our fees, you will have to pay the court fee divorce application fee of £550.

Your total cost for our fixed fee divorce service will be £1270 (£600 + £120 + £550).

If court fees change, we will inform you and this will adjust your total cost upwards or downwards as the case may be.

Please contact us to request an appointment if you require this service.

If attending a consultation appointment for this service or any other divorce service please bring your original marriage certificate or a marriage-registry-certified copy of your marriage certificate.

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