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We appreciate that our clients sometimes encounter problems with HMRC, Police, Customs or UK Border Force authorities. Our Principal Solicitor started full time legal practice in 2005 as a solicitor specialising in financial and business crime.

You will benefit from our firm’s long-term experience of dealing with various allegations, investigations and prosecutions.  We know that the prospect of attending Police or HMRC meetings and Courts of Law can be daunting; here you have excellent support.

The impact of these adverse proceedings will affect and threaten your personal life, your work, your income and your reputation, we know this, and we are devoted to good outcomes for each client we represent.

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Obinna Baranta

Obinna Baranta


Financial Offences

Money Laundering Investigations and Prosecutions. Money laundering regulations are now increasingly complex. The officers that carry out these investigations have far-reaching powers and targets to meet.

This can sometimes lead to overzealous pursuits by investigating even when available evidence is circumstantial and weak. Friends, co-directors, business partners and spouses do frequently get caught up in Money Laundering investigations.

Good and early legal representation at the investigation stage may prevent charges and prosecutions for money laundering offences. It is often said that accused person ‘should have known’ that funds deposited into their account or stored with them in cash was derived from illegal activities.

However, in reality, things are not always so clear. For example, when the person holding money is aware that the person who supplied the money owns a thriving business, it is unreasonable to expect suspicion of funds.

Our Money Laundering & Fraud Team at First Continental Solicitors has the confidence and expertise in financial crime in the UK that can give advice and represent you effectively. If you or persons close to you are under investigation for money laundering or if you have been charged with a money laundering offence, we can guide you through all the complexities of money laundering legislation. You can be sure that our team will work tirelessly to get you the best result. We know that our attention to detail makes all the difference between guilty or not guilty outcome for our clients.


The experience of arrest and police or other authority interview following suspicions or allegations of fraud is always unpleasant and stressful. Most of the time this can involve sudden uninvited entry into your private spaces at home or your office without warning and the carting away of your personal and business documents.

The inconvenience to yourself, your family and the damage to your reputation with neighbours seems to be the least concern of the attending officers. You might also be arrested and handcuffed when there is no evidence that you are violent person and when also the suspected offence or allegation has nothing to do with a violent offence.

What you need at a time like this is confidence and reassurance that you are being advised and represented by a team of lawyers who have the experience and substance to stand up for your rights and to raise sufficient issues plus take the right steps towards either early discontinuation of the investigation or a successful defence of any charges laid against you at Court. This is what you can expect from our Fraud Team at First Continental Solicitors.

It is essential to make contact early and get advice as soon as possible after you become aware of the investigation and potential prosecution against you.  We say this because financial crime investigations and cases, like financial crimes, require a very technical and strategic approach.

As a result, clients need to know that most of these cases are won or lost at the investigation stage, before charge, because this is when the evidence can be picked apart and a defence case can be built up.

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