Housing & Property Law

First Continental Solicitors has a team of housing specialists that offer first class legal support for your housing and property matters.

Our team comprises of lawyers with experience of representing individuals and charities.

We represent those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless by challenging decisions of local authorities.

We are prepared to take your matter to a court of law if this becomes necessary at any time.

Whether you are a tenant or an estate agent you need a solicitor with expertise, insight and up to date legal knowledge.


Our Housing and Property Services

  • Homelessness applications and reviews
  • Disrepair negotiations and litigations
  • Notice to Quit (Non-payment of rent and other reasons)
  • Houses with Multiple Occupations (Notifying the Local Authority & Dealing with Enforcement Orders)
  • Disputes with Housing Associations
  • Property Ownership and Planning Litigation
  • Mortgage Repossessions (Negotiations with Banks and Defence Representation at Court)
  • Charges on Properties at the Land Registry (Placement and Removal of Charges)
  • Landlord & Tenant Litigation
Obinna Baranta

Obinna Baranta


If you are living in a rented property that has fallen into serious disrepair, it is likely that your landlord is failing to execute necessary maintenance on the property.

Living in a property that is run down and damaged can be detrimental to your health and well-being but be assured there are legal remedies available to you.

Your landlord will have a responsibility to make sure that the state of the property you live in meets proper standards for habitation.

If you think your landlord is not maintaining it to this level, our lawyers will be able to help you inform your landlord, attempt to solve the problem by agreement or bring a claim to the courts for remedy of defects and financial compensation.

If you have defaulted on your mortgage and have no way of paying it back, you may be facing repossession orders from the owner of your property’s freehold.

This may be a bank or a private individual such as a freeholder landlord.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in ensuring victims of repossession have not been taken advantage of by their lenders or freeholders.

If you think your property is going to be repossessed, or your freeholder has already started possession proceedings, do not hesitate to contact one of our lawyers for immediate on what you can do now.

Repossession proceedings do not always result in you having to vacate the property. In some cases, you may be able to remain in the property subject to certain conditions. We will help you to consider what options are available to you.

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Our aim is to deliver quality services that you will be happy with.

If unfortunately, after efforts our effort to do our best we have not got this right, a complaint about our service can be raised, in the first with the lawyer that handled your matter and provided our service to you. All our staff are trained to appreciate that client satisfaction comes first and your lawyer will do his or her best to listen to you, provide an explanation and carry out any remedial actions that you require so that you may become satisfied with our service.

If after the above initial stage you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint you may complain to our Mr Obinna Baranta who is our firm’s complaint manager - by writing to our London address of 51 Fellows Road, London NW3 3DX.

Mr Baranta will do his best to resolve the matter to your satisfaction by reviewing the service we provided to you in a manner that satisfies you.

Mr Baranta will first write to you within 7 working days of hearing from you to acknowledge receipt of your complaint and he will aim to send you a substantive reply to your complaint within 14 working days.

Mr Baranta will investigate your complaint by speaking to the person involved and may telephone you to get more details about our service to you.

If you do not feel comfortable about complaining to Mr Baranta about our service to you because he handled your matter, you may write to Mr Kenny Ogba who has been in practice for over 7 years and who will assist the firm by investigating your complaint with intention of finding a resolution that satisfies you.

If after looking into your complaint and responding to you, you are still not satisfied by our responses you may further complain to the Legal Ombudsman whose address for complaints is PO Box 6806 Wolverhampton WV19WJ.