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Anyone who has experienced mental health issues or is close to a person who has knows that episodes, detention, diagnosis, and treatment can often involve difficult times for the individual directly affected and for his or her relatives and friends.

Detention can be particularly difficult for persons who have been wrongly detained or wrongly identified as in need of a mental health assessment or treatment.

Good mental health solicitors are particularly essential to bringing periods of inappropriate or unlawful detention to an urgent conclusion.
Mental Health Law is medical law interwoven with large amounts of human rights and civil liberties law.

This makes mental health law complex and confusing to laypersons. The complexity also leaves room for individual rights and entitlements to be lost unless they are vigorously protected by a knowledgeable legal expert.

Tinashe Tandayi

Tinashe Tandayi


Whilst it is right and property for sectioned patients to the focus on the highly relevant emotional and sensitive matters that surround restriction of a person’s liberty or breach of personal privacy, it is crucially important to make contact with an experienced mental health lawyer who will investigate the validity of the section and take up the issue of immediate discharge from hospital for his or her client.

The right solicitor for any mental health client must be competent and dedicated with a strong passion for human rights and justice for vulnerable persons. You will find the right solicitors are ready and waiting to take on your matter when you contact the mental health law team at Liberty Bridge Solicitors.

It is important to know that expert evidence from care professionals will be a major part of the legal issues that the Mental Health Tribunal or the High Court will consider when an application for review of detention or order for immediate discharge is submitted.

Medical experts will often hold a different view from the applicant about the applicant’s state of mind and need for further detention or treatment.
Competent lawyers with experience in this field will help you understand the process, demystify the law and put forward your views before the Tribunal or the High Court in a confident, firm and effective manner.

Our role is to give you and your loved ones a voice and choice at the times when you need to be in control of what happens to you.
We work with you towards ensuring that you have a good opportunity to make decisions about your treatment and shape your own future.
This would involve helping you to be in control of where you live, what medical treatments you receive, your lifestyle and how much liberty you have in the community.

Mental health is no longer something to be embarrassed about. One in four of us is likely to experience mental health issues at some point in our life. The number of people affected by mental health and detained against their will is increasing every year.

Being placed on Section and restricted to a hospital ward causes many people to feel vulnerable and isolated, especially when arrangements within hospitals that are meant to ensure access to legal advice and legal representation are not followed so that individuals may have their liberty taken away without a full explanation of the reasons or justifications for such detention.

We help clients by making sure that they gain a full understanding of their rights and entitlements, including very importantly how they can appeal against their detention and have the opportunity of being discharged by the Mental Health Tribunal.

With a solicitor from our firm fighting for their rights by working for them on daily basis, our clients never feel alone.

We are knowledgeable about the mental health law, caring about the rights and entitlements of patients and our lawyers who will not shy away from difficult arguments and points that arise in the pursuit of your legal and civil liberties.

If it takes a fight to establish and secure your legal rights, our team is in your corner and we never give up.

We are always approachable and understanding. Transparent about the information we receive from your medical records and discrete with your identity. Our promise is that we will always give our best.

We submit Applications for Review of Detention to the Tribunal on a regular basis to appeal against:

Any solicitor from our firm who will represent you before the Mental Health Tribunal will be an experienced and accredited member of the Law Society’s Mental Health Panel.

  • Section 2 detentions for assessment
  • Section 3 admission for treatment
  • Section 17a Community Treatment Orders
  • Section 37 hospital order
  • Section 37/41 hospital order with a restriction order
  • Section 47/49 and 48/49 prisoners transferred to hospital
  • Transfers to hospitals nearer home
  • Change of medication (to avoid side effects, from a depot to oral, from oral to depot)
  • Change of dosage of medication
  • Change of nearest relatives
  • Appointment of nearest relatives
  • Defending applications by the hospital for displacement of the nearest relative

Detained patients do not have to pay for our services. Every service we offer from start to finish is free and paid for out of our contract with the Ministry of Justice.

Our principal partner Mr Obinna Baranta has been a Legal Aid UK Ministry of Justice contracted legal aid provider since July 2010. His experience combines with over 15 years of experience from other lawyers in our mental health department.

Liberty Bridge Solicitors represent individuals from all walks of life and in every case a quality service is assured.

If you wish to instruct our firm as a private client, we offer competitive hourly rates and fixed fees for our expert advice, assistance, and legal representation.

We represent clients who may be detained in a Priory Group Hospitals and other private facilities who wish to be discharged.

We also represent private clients who desire urgent transfer from a public hospital to a private facility under the transfer provisions of the Mental Health Act.

Please contact us for more information.

Giving you access to hospital notes, care plans and planned treatments that relate to you:

We will apply for access to your records and you will be given every information we receive from the hospital or the Tribunal. This will help you know what the experts are planning to do in relation to your care, treatment, and detention if you are a detained patient.


You will receive a quality service from our competent, dedicated and passionate mental health law team.

Respect for your privacy and helping to realise your data protection rights:

Everyone’s rights to privacy and dignity should be respected by others because these two rights are basic and fundamental human rights. We relate to every client with respect because we know that mental health and physical health patients should be treated with

We’ll cut through the technical jargon:

Our solicitors will use clear language when advising you or writing to you so that you have a full understanding of what is going on and how things will progress so that you have fewer concerns about how the system works and the entire episode of interference with interference with our liberty and privacy.

We’ll listen to you and aim for your objectives:

You can contact us earlier and later than normal office opening hours and we are always available on Saturdays and Sundays. You can reach us in person, by telephone or via our online service.

We’ll come to you if you can’t attend our office:

Our lawyers visit our clients who are in detention or at home on weekends if requested to do so provided our staffing numbers permit. In any case, if we do not attend on the same day, we aim to attend the next day.

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