Our Approach

Legal Advice

Good advice is worth taking, especially when clearly expressed. As solicitors we help our clients avoid problems, not just get them out of it.

Our firm offers quality advice in clear language that will point you the right direction. During face to face to face meetings, online consultations or in our letters to you.

We avoid unnecessary technical legal language and present information to you using clear understandable terms.

Our advisory service includes:

  • Analysis and presentation of your legal options
  • Explanation of pros and cons of each option
  • Identification of legal risks and mitigation strategies
  • Counselling on legal compliance and best practice
  • Updating clients of changes in laws, regulations and policies

Legal Assistance

It is our job to assist clients by getting things done in accordance with their instructions.

We support by finding additional resources for their operations and by signposting clients to services outside our professional remit.

People ask solicitors to get things done for them because well trained and experienced lawyers approach tasks with a unique set of skills that guarantee more effective results.

Analytical ability, attention to detail, attention to time, logical reasoning, persuasiveness, sound judgment, and excellent writing abilities promote achievement of clients’ objectives.

Our advice and assistance services include:

  • Completion and submission of applications
  • Writing of letters to public and private institutions
  • Collection and safekeeping of legal documents
  • Conducting legal due diligence on companies and properties
  • Lobbying for legislative and policy review and improvements

Meetings & Proxies

Legal implications often arise from conduct and statements made at meetings. It is equally important to accurately understand, perceive and interpret what others say and do.

Professional support goes a long way towards effective communication of business or personal positions, avoidance of misunderstandings and attainment of intended objectives.

Our meeting and proxy services include:

  • Attendance at meetings with clients
  • Attendance at meetings for clients
  • ​Providing company secretarial services
  • Acting as proxies at shareholder meetings
  • ​Managing community forums and other community interface meetings

Legal Documents

Creating legal documents is possibly the most intellectually demanding lawyering skill. It requires ability to outline abstract concepts in words, good research skills and foresight.

By investing in access to world class e-libraries from Lexisnexis and West Law, we responsively prepare documents that express the exact ideas, points of view, and business objectives of our clients.

We develop legal documents that define and cover novel situations after considering various techniques of articulating and addressing issues.
As they say, good writing is clear thinking made visible.

Our legal drafting services includes:

  • Commercial Contracts
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Deeds for property transactions
  • Wills and trust documents

Legal Compliance

Many corporate organisations and charities employ directors, management and staff who operate in regulated environments.

We are able to design legal training manuals and deliver in-house training to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

Our advice helps clients to avoid financial penalties but also prevents business disruptions like loss of operating licences and regulatory prosecutions.

Our services include:

  • Legal compliance training for directors
  • Legal compliance training for senior management
  • Legal compliance training for all other employees
  • Design and preparation of legal training manuals
  • Training on implementation of company policies

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many people and most companies prefer alternative dispute resolution if disagreements occur.

To preserve commercial and personal relationships we manage conflict situations towards agreed settlements.

This is easier for solicitors with good understanding of laws and facts, first-rate communication skills, high emotional intelligence and a confident presentation.
Win wins are ideal and fair outcomes are necessary.

Our services include:

  • Negotiation
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation


Selecting the right country for dispute resolution at contract stage, electing tested applicable laws and choosing trusted venues for dispute resolution are good starting points.

Should litigation become necessary, you’ll need first-rate lawyers that can read the wind, set the sails and adjust the sails to stay on course for best outcomes.

Thorough appreciation of events, before embarking on application of correct and up to date laws is essential for synthesis of water tight advice, convincing arguments and effective representation at court.

Our litigation team shares Baden-Powell’s Scouts’ Foundation motto – ‘be prepared’.

Our services include:

  • Advice on the merits of a claim or a defence
  • Preparation and filing of claims and related processes at court
  • Preparation and filing of defences and related processes at court
  • Applications to be added (Joinder) or to be removed (Disjoinder) from claims at court
  • Representation at any courts in Nigeria, England & Wales, Republic of Ireland & U.S.A

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