Trust Law

Trusts are recognised and enforceable at court, but many are not aware of this useful method of estate and tax planning.

People use trusts for different reasons but the most common uses are to control the use of funds, to provide for particular persons, or for advanced tax planning.

Some other uses of trusts include creation of life interests, enablement of capital growth whilst providing for income, anonymous holding of assets for a variety of reasons as well as separation of interests.

How Can We Help

We draft the trust, or trusts, taking into consideration what you seek to achieve, and the most suitable type of trust for your needs. Everybody’s circumstances are different, and specific powers will need to be drafted according to your wishes.

Obinna Baranta has been advising on trusts throughout his legal practice in London since 2005. Depending on the type of trust; there are different tax implications and you will receive gold standard advice from us.

We can assist in the setting up and administration of your trust, we can act as trustees or we can act as legal advisors to your trustees as you wish.

Trust administration can be a dangerous minefield for amateurs.

A trustee’s duties are onerous and the role can be daunting when faced with the several technical issues involved.
Our practical advice will help with complex legal rules, leaving you and your trustees time to make important decisions.

We provide a high quality and efficient service that includes preparation of annual accounts and tax returns with the help of our in-house chattered accountant and economist.

We also arrange for appropriate payments of taxes due whilst counselling trustees on income and capital distributions as well as specific tax consequences of elected options.

Administering a trust requires both professional expertise in relation to trustee issues and understanding of the beneficiaries’ personal circumstances.

We often act as trustees and we are very experienced with the technical decisions required of trustees.

We can assist you in agreeing a suitable investment policy with specialist investment advisers and help you to monitor investment performance.

Our trusts law service covers advice and drafting of:

  • Life Interest Trusts
  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Bare Trusts
  • Living Trusts
  • Secret Trusts
  • Waqf Trusts (Islamic Charitable Trusts)
  • Advising on duties, rights and liabilities of Trustees
  • Acting as Trustees for individuals, deceased estates and corporate bodies
  • Acting as Trust Protectors
  • Registration of Deeds of Trust at Court Registries
  • Advising Beneficiaries on obligations and rights provided in Deeds of Trust
  • Advising Beneficiaries on obligations and rights arising from the Law of Trusts
  • Attendance at meetings as representatives of Trustees or Beneficiaries

By virtue of qualification to practice in England & Wales (2007) and in the Republic of Ireland (2016) our Mr. Baranta has access to practice law in a number of popular international trust jurisdictions that are legally overseen by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

This enables us to provide high quality advice and expert assistance to our clients on offshore trusts and international taxation matters.

We can directly and personally set up offshore trusts in the following jurisdictions:

  • Caribbean Islands: British Virgin Islands, St. Lucia and Cayman Islands
  • Channel Islands: Bailiwick of Guernsey and Bailiwick of Jersey
  • British Crown Dependency: Isle of Man

If you require services in other jurisdictions including Panama, Bermuda, Switzerland or Luxembourg, we work with lawyers in other jurisdictions to effect your wishes.

Trained in confidentiality and discretion our offshore and onshore trust services are delivered at international best practice standards.

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